BLCC v Lambeth socials – 06/05/17

Socials left in a spin

“Greatest spell in BLCC history?”

By Alex Gibson

Fresh from Menorca, yet still on unfamiliar turf the BLCC stepped out for the final pre-season outing. Regent’s Park the setting for the sun-kissed Lads fresh from Beaches, Blowers and Blow. Fauxcaine scandals aside, Menorca was a triumph and vibes are high in the group. Lambeth & Social were debutants. They were to prove a talented outfit but lacking the cohesion of East London’s favourite Calypso Cricketers. BLCC lost the toss and were put in to bat. Pawson and Ensor opened up. Ensor got out. Gibson headed to the crease, the BLCC returned to normality. Pawson and Gibson began to put together some beautiful scoring shots. A smoregoasboard of late cuts, lofted drives and back foot finesse. Willow Porn for the increasing mob of Kiwi’s consoling the impotent Ensor. Gibson’s 20 odd was followed by another ebullient flurry of shots from Hobson. The first ball was dispatched in a glorious late cover drive that few BLCC cricketers posses in their locker. One of many shots that had the Selectors quivering with excitement. Of all of the summer targets Club Chairman JAA Murray put forward, IH Hobson is undoubtedly the priority for the side. Pawson at the other end was doing what he does best, anchoring the BLCC. An assured innings, playing the foil to a succession of BLCC batsmen. None more prolific than the side’s most important and popular oversees player and greatest ever BLCC New Zealand international, Sam Moses. In only his fourth ever cricket game, his time at the crease was to result in one of the great Bloody Lads innings. 52 of 27 balls. There were flat bat fours that are illegal in parts of mainland Europe. It was an historic innings and will live long in the memory. Former Vibesman of the year M. Bennet accompanied him for the second half of his innings with a typically balanced innings ending on 21 Not Out and seeing the team through the end of their 30 overs. He was joined in the end by the returning Jack Eve who only made 11 but did offer his adoring fans one flash or brilliant with successive boundaries (four and six) before being caught out. Bennet was finally joined by Soloman who saw out the last few overs with four runs to his name.

206 the final total. A solid performance for the 30 overs.

The Lambeth & Social innings was in trouble from the start. They were met by of the most immaculate BLCC opening spells in history. SoS as Soloman and Sheldon dropped bomb after bomb (Sheldon in more senses that one) on their increasingly disheartened batsmen. Solomon got batsman no. 1, Sheldon 2. Fitting. When the pair finished their was a sigh of relief that lasted the duration of Stan Grant’s run up. The human metronome was to follow the openers with 6 overs for 25. Houdini would have struggled to escape from that end. J. Eve took on the other end for four tidy sharapovers. His was the crucial wicket of batsman no 3, mounting a short-lived resistance before falling at 35.  The other end was taken by Hobson. He bowled 6 for 8 off 4 overs. He bowled 6 for 8 off 4 overs. 6 for 8 off 4 overs. Greatest spell in BLCC history? Certainly up there. His price tag will go up, but the selectors surely have no choice.  Bowler No. 6 was put in the scorebook as Pie Chucker by the other team. I can’t remember who he was but his over only went for 7 so it seems a little harsh. It wasn’t the Hogwarts Express. Hobson took his final wicket before he could steam into the station.

A comprehensive victory. Lambeth & Social out for less than 100. BLCC WAWE.

Extra curricular activity also notable. Ridout represent. J Hus into Dolly Parton. Hard white in whites.

MOTD: Ivo Hobson


Back row: Soloman Sule-Legbe, Ivo Hobson, Alex Gibson, Sam Moses, Jack Eve. Front row: Max Bennett, Jack Ensor, Caius Pawson, Sheldon Greenland, Stan Grant